"Without a trace of boredom in her (Catherine Russell) active eyes, she projects a palpable unease as the body count rises, but never truly reveals her hand."
-The New York Times

"...Still kicking after 18 years"
-The New York Times

"In London, it's The Mousetrap; in New York, it's Perfect Crime... NYC's little mystery thriller that could."

"CSI-based shows are as popular as ever. If you're a fan, you'll love the off-Broadway production, "Perfect Crime." The wealth/death theme is familiar, but the surprising turns and purposeful tension will keep you guessing until the end."
- CBS New York

"It's a cunning little whodunit, appropriately confusing in the first act, gradually revealing in the second. Catherine Russell gives a sly, tough performance as the lead character, a wealthy Connecticut psychiatrist..."
-The New Yorker

"The ace-in-the-hole is Catherine Russell, the show's leading lady and general manager... Ms. Russell delivers a powerhouse star turn as this psychiatrist who may or may not have murdered her husband (and a few other people), and who may or may not be attracted to the steadfast detective who has come to investigate some reported funny business at the Brents' remote Connecticut farmhouse. "

"Perfect Crime is the story of a brainy, beautiful and ambitious psychiatrist who holds the key to the murder of at least one victim in a series of murders. Is a serial killer on the loose? The plot thickens. And thickens."
-New York Daily News

"An intriguing thriller full of unexpected twists and turns. It will leave you unsettled and questioning the motives of its characters. "
-Woman Around Town

"PERFECT CRIME will keep you guessing. It's not only a "whodunit," but a "why did they do that?" as well... Many will recognize Richard Shoberg from a long-running part on TV's All My Children... he gives a winning performance as the inspector."

"Catherine Russell brings comfort and confidence to her role as Margaret Thorne Brent. You sense that the cast enjoys knowing each show is a part of New York theater history."