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March 28, 2023

To celebrate performance #14,281, complimentary champagne will be served to the audience in the lobby just before the show and during intermission.

The longest running play in NYC history, Perfect Crime will celebrate its 36th Anniversary on Monday, April 18th in the Anne Bernstein Theater at The Theater Center Theater Center (210 West 50th Street, 4th floor).
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Mayor Bill de Blasio visiting Perfect Crime on the re-opening and 34th anniversary

"Without a trace of boredom in her (Catherine Russell) active eyes, she projects a palpable unease as the body count rises, but never truly reveals her hand."
-The New York Times


"In London, it's The Mousetrap; in New York, it's Perfect Crime... NYC's little mystery thriller that could."

Catherine Russell New York Times

One Role, With 10,000 Variations - The New York Times

Catherine Russell Forbes

28 Years, One Role: Off-Broadway's Leading Lady - Forbes
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"CSI-based shows are as popular as ever. If you're a fan, you'll love the off-Broadway production, Perfect Crime." "The wealth/death theme is familiar, but the surprising turns and purposeful tension will keep you guessing until the end."
- CBS New York

"It's a cunning little whodunit, appropriately confusing in the first act, gradually revealing in the second. Catherine Russell gives a sly, tough performance as the lead character, a wealthy Connecticut psychiatrist..."
-The New Yorker

la times gary busey

Gary Busey on Gary Busey: A conversation about his first stage role

Catherine Russell craines

The star of Perfect Crime has played the same role in 12,335 performances and counting

"The ace-in-the-hole is Catherine Russell, the show's leading lady and general manager... Ms. Russell delivers a powerhouse star turn as this psychiatrist who may or may not have murdered her husband (and a few other people), and who may or may not be attracted to the steadfast detective who has come to investigate some reported funny business at the Brents' remote Connecticut farmhouse. "

"An intriguing thriller full of unexpected twists and turns. It will leave you unsettled and questioning the motives of its characters. "-Woman Around Town

Catherine Russell a hundred different ways

A Hundred Different Ways is a product of the MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop.
See the film here on


Reuters Visits Perfect Crime
Watch here...

"PERFECT CRIME will keep you guessing. It's not only a "whodunit," but a "why did they do that?" as well... Many will recognize Richard Shoberg from a long-running part on TV's All My Children... he gives a winning performance as the inspector."

"Catherine Russell brings comfort and confidence to her role as Margaret Thorne Brent. You sense that the cast enjoys knowing each show is a part of New York theater history."

A few words of optimism from

The Theater Center

The new york times
a tireless actress, back at the scene of the crime. Before the pandemic, Catherine Russell had missed only four performances of an Off-Broadway perennial since 1987. She was onstage for its reopening.


Actor kills it on the job for 32 straight years - New York Post (2019)

Russell has always been among the employed in the government’s statistics; never in the jobless column since she originated the female lead in “Perfect Crime” 13,335 performances ago. Read more...

The Only Woman in New York Theatre Who Fixes the Boiler, Takes Your Ticket, and Then Hops Onstage - Playbill (May 2017)

Catherine Russell, Off-Broadway's maid-of-all-work, has learned to drive a truck, tar a roof, and put audiences at the edge of their seats in her record-setting 30 years at Perfect Crime. Read more...

Behind the Scenes: Perfect Crime (July 2016)

NBC4's New York Live sat down with Perfect Crime's very own Catherine Russell to talk about 30 years of Perfect Crime.
Watch the full interview here...

Perfect Crime, makes perfect buck as longest-running Off-Broadway play (April 2016)

New York Business Journal discusses Perfect Crime's 30 year history and the secrets behind its long-running success. Read more...

Behold: Catherine Russell the off-Broadway force (March 2013)

The Washington Times takes a detailed look into the daily life of Catherine Russell. Read more…

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