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There's no such thing as the PERFECT CRIME… or is there?
Don't just see the 
PERFECT CRIME… solve it.

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PERFECT CRIME is a funny and romantic thriller about a psychiatrist who may or may not have killed her husband. This play is loved by avid theatergoers and true crime fanatics alike.

hink you can solve the perfect crime?


Perfect Crime cast group photo

Warren Manzi's PERFECT CRIME is a sexy, funny and fast-paced thriller that makes for a great night of whodunit. The longest-running play in NYC history takes place in the home of a wealthy psychiatrist, Margaret Brent, who is accused of murdering her husband. The handsome detective thinks he has it all figured out, but her husband's murder is only the beginning in what may just be the perfect crime.


PERFECT CRIME is the perfect show for fans of Law & Order, CSI, Sherlock, Gone Girl, Only Murders in the Building, and Hitchcock films!

To learn more about the history of the show, click here

A beautiful afternoon of old-fashioned theater. 

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Margaret Brent

Catherine Russell Margaret Brent

Inspector Ascher

David Butler as W. Harrison Brent

W. Harrison Brent

Charles Geyer as Lionel McAuley

Lionel McAuley

Patrick Robustelli as David Breuer

David Breuer


Warren Manzi thePlaywright

Warren Manzi


Armand Michael Hyatt as Executive Producer

Armand Michael Hyatt

Executive Producer

Jay Cail Stone the Technical Director and Graphic Designer

Jay Cail Stone

Technical Director
Graphic Designer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my bags into the theater?

Yes, you may bring small bags or backpacks into the theater, however it is best to leave suitcases & other large bags behind, as they may not be able to fit beneath your seat. 



All Sales are final. If you must cancel due to illness, purchased tickets may be past-dated for another performance. Please call the Box Office at (212) 921-7862 to make arrangements if necessary.


Lost and Found

For any lost items, please email or call (212) 921-7862. 

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code for our theater. Feel free to dress comfortably.


Casting Calls are by invitation only.

Appropriateness of Shows

There is no age restriction for our shows. However, for parodies, please refer to the age appropriateness rating of the respective TV show. Our production of "Perfect Crime" is rated for ages 13 and above.


2 hours with one intermission. 

Ticket Issues or Codes Not Working

If you encounter any issues with your tickets or discount codes, please call (212) 921-7862 for assistance. If your tickets have been bought through a third party seller (ie. TodayTix, Groupon, etc.), issues must be handled directly by those organizations.

When Does Your Show Close?

There are no set closing dates. 

Rights Availability

For licensing inquiries, please see here.

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